Flight of the Hamsters

Send the Hamsters Flying!

In the Flight of the Hamsters game each of your five hamsters takes it in turns to walk under the two small conveyor belts rubbing together which are operated by two other hamsters. With the click of the left mouse button they jump in between the belts and get sprung into the air. A third hamster is pulling back on a slingshot with a pillow equipped above on a wooden platform. Click again to release the sling shot at the right time to pulverise the hamster and thus send him flying through the air.

Timing is everything in this game, you need to catch the hamster at the right point for maximum distance. This means hitting him with the slingshot and pillow on the way back down right into centre of the hamsters body. This is not easy to do because the slingshot moves at a very fast pace when you release it. Be careful no to click too soon as even though the slingshot will retract once more it won't allow you a second go.

You have five hamsters to use in the Flight of the Hamsters game and your aim is to get the largest collective distance in metres as possible. This is a very fun throw game and quite challenging. The goggle wearing hamsters will be ready for a full flight so be sure to give them exactly by using excellent timing.