Titan Throw

Paint the Clouds Red: a Titan Lunch Retaliation Guide

So a flying creature stole your lunch and you want it back? There is one simple solution: take your lunch back from its cold lifeless claws. Titan Throw or as it is officially known Titan Launch Retaliation takes players on a grand slaughter-fest with a very basic premise; that any issue can be solved by a quick jab of a giant blade. And for the most part it works. But it also takes a bit of timing from the player, as well as a little luck and of course, a bit of an idea as to what exactly you are supposed to do. So here is our little guide to help you out with that last bit.

Before You Leap

Let us talk about the initial jump: when the game starts, you will find your Titan running down a slope and a meter on the right side of the screen. Simply press the space bar or the left mouse button just as the cursor hits the uppermost part of the bar. This will boost your jump to the highest possible amount and will also provide you with a bit of a gold bonus -this is pretty useful especially during your first few tries of the game. Once you leap up, you can press space or the mouse button one more time to snag a quick kill if an eyeball or two spawns right above you. After this, you head on to the fun part.

Controls are Easy

Titan Throw's main gameplay is pretty basic: you keep track of your titan as he jumps in the air, pressing the action button at the right time for him to throw his grappling hook at an enemy. If the grappling hook manages to hit a target, the Titan will automatically swing in, kill the target and then jump off looking for more. For the most part (outside of the boss battles that is), the grappling hook is the only thing you need to mind. You may use the space bar or the left mouse button as the action button, so just use whichever one you prefer.

Timing the shot will require you to consider two simple things: your direction and your grappling hook distance. When jumping in the sky, you could be going up, going down, or momentarily stopped at the apex of your jump -so more or less, you are never stationary. This is important to remember since the grappling throw move is not instant. There is a brief animation delay before the hook is thrown, so be sure to line up your throw carefully. Also, when you upgrade your cape or your boots, you might want to see how your speed and acceleration has changed in order to get your timing re-calibrated.

The grappling hook you start with is very short -and it is unlikely that you will be able to get very far with it. Fortunately, all it takes is a few initial upgrades to get it long enough for considerable use. Just mind how far you can throw it so that you do not waste your time aiming at enemies you cannot reach.

The reason why hook throw timing matters is because of the fact that you cannot throw the grappling hook twice in a row; if you miss, you will need to wait for the entire animation to finish before you can throw it again. When you are jumping around monsters at cloud-level heights, every moment wasted could mean death.

Boss Fights

Aside from the standard throw-kill-jump sequences, you will also encounter bosses - large flying creatures that take several stabs to kill. To win, you first approach them like regular enemies: simply throw you grappling hook at them. When it hits, the Titan will grab hold of the boss and a meter will appear. Time your presses when the cursor lands on the green in order to land a successful hit. Also, if you miss, the Titan will lose hold of the monster. You could use the grappling hook to try again, but after several misses, the boss will fly away and you will fall to your death. Once you land enough successful hits, the boss will die and you get to proceed with the mayhem.

There are a total of 5 boss types: a giant stone face, a hippogriff, a giant insect like creature, a dragon and a giant multi-eyeball creature that makes you think of a mutated Dungeons and Dragons Beholder. The game awards players with a trophy will killing all five types and once you finish them off, they will reappear in a cycle. Note that while the second forms of these bosses are visually similar, their meters will now sport significantly smaller green areas.

If you sword upgrade is high enough, you could aim to go for the "first pass bonus". This basically means hitting the green zone during the first time the cursor goes past it. While it will earn you a bit of extra money, it is not recommended to aim for this especially early in the game when your sword upgrades are too low.

Plan Your Upgrades

Your Titan may be a powerful muscle bound hulk, but you will still need some serious armaments in order to dish out the mayhem you need to succeed in this game. Fortunately, it seems that you have plenty of equipment upgrades to choose from, all that matters is in knowing which ones to invest on first.

The best thing to do is to level the orb level three before anything else. Orbs will increase the amount of money you earn -in anything. Be it boss kills, enemy kills, first pass bonus, close shave bonus, and even the perfect jump bonus. Getting more money means you can upgrade faster, so consider this a top priority.

The second thing to upgrade is the grappling hook. Investing here will increase the range of the hook -allowing you to get further in the game. Other upgrades will improve performance, but the hook distance more than just an upgrade, it is a means to actually 'beating' the game.

Acquiring the rest of the upgrades in the Titan Lunch Retaliation Game should be done with a pragmatist approach -simply put, get all that you can, you will eventually need it. Once you have gotten enough orb and hook upgrades, you can start placing gold in the other upgrades. Get this done and each run of the game might net few thousand more gold than the previous.

Obviously, many of the upgrades provide functional benefits aside from making your titan look cooler than even. So here is a quick brief on the different upgrades and what they do.

Swords will make your attack animations faster (less time on top of a creature means you spend more time increasing distance travelled faster), and it will slow down the cursor speed for boss meters (very useful for later bosses). Upgraded swords also cause more blood spills, though we have yet to figure out what benefit that actually provides.

Boots will increase the speed of your jumps and will generally make you travel faster. Basically, the counter on the upper right will simply move a lot faster. Travelling far is a good thing since the distance meter determines which enemies will spawn (better enemies means more gold per kill) and also, the distance is also convertible to gold when you die.

The grappling hook, as explained, will have its reach extended -being able to grab faraway enemies is a great help when they spawn on the right side of the screen.

Upgrading the cape helps your Titan spend more time in the apex and the descent of his jump -allowing you to time and line up grappling hook throws a lot easier.

Lastly, the orbs increase the amount of money earned in any instance. As we stated, this is your highest priority at the start of the game.


Titan Lunch Retaliation also provides players with eight trophies to earn as you play the game. These trophies are pretty easy to earn and you do not have to get out of your way to earn them - just keep playing the game and it is likely that you will get them all after a while.

Long Flight & Epic Flight

Simply reach 2000 and 7000 meters in the game to earn the two trophies.

Blood Thirst & Blood Bath

To earn these trophies, simply keep killing enemies. You earn the first at 50 kills, the second at 150 kills.

I Hate Dog

This is earned by killing sausage dogs which appear after you beat the fifth boss.


This one is actually pretty easy; simply get past the first boss and you will reach the volcano area.

Full Gear

You earn this after you purchase all upgrades. This is often the last trophy to be earned.

Beast Slayer

Kill all the five types of bosses and you will earn this trophy.